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3 Whatsapp Marketing Strategy You Must Know To Make Money From Whatsapp

Just like the famous social Media platforms out there, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application out there and most people don't know they can strategically use the application in marketing their business and bagging in huge amount of profits.


What most people do on WhatsApp is just chatting, uploading and viewing status. Only few people know they can market their products on WhatsApp and cash out big. Even majority of those marketing on WhatsApp don't know how to do this very strategically so not to leave money on the table.


So we decided to teach all our valued readers on PayKacha how they can market their products on WhatsApp even if they knew nothing about WhatsApp marketing before.


So here we go with the 3 strategic ways to market your products on WhatsApp:


1. CREATE AWARENESS: If I am selling laptop and some of my contacts is in need of a laptop, they will get it from other places they know because they are not aware I am selling, even if I have the best deal. So creating awareness is the first step to marketing your products effectively on WhatsApp.


Ways to create awareness:


WhatsApp Business: WhatsApp business was created solely for business owners. It has pretty cool features that the regular WhatsApp app don't have. You can setup a greeting message that will be sent out immediately a message comes in, even if you are offline. You can also set a message that will either ask people to save your number and also tell you their name so you can save theirs, that's advised if you are running ads with a direct link to your inbox. The message can also be about what you do and services you offer.


WhatsApp broadcast: There is a WhatsApp feature called WhatsApp broadcast. Instead of asking people to join your group, you can easily group them accordingly and send your broadcast to them. People are more likely to reply to broadcast as it's like a personal message than in a group.


Interaction & Compliment: It's undeniable people like compliment and praises alot. So to be in good relationship with your list you have to view their status and compliment their uploaded pictures. If any of their meme or question is interesting to you try and answer. If they view yours and comment also try to reply back, don't kill the vibe.


RUN ADS: You can get in touch with influencers on WhatsApp who have already built their contact list and get thousands of viewers for each status they upload. Also learn to save up contacts while running ads. The main reason for doing that is so you can upsell to them in the future.




In as much as you need to sell your products by all means, you need to be strategic with your persuasion by not being too pushy. If people know the only thing you post on your status is just your products, forcing them to buy, they won't always view. So in-between your products posted on your status, should be either a very funny video, meme or interesting photo or video. Always remember to end your status with a beautiful picture that is not your product as that is what people will always see before they view your status. So far nude or seems like to be nude ( like a finger that looks like d*"k) always attracts more views.



3. CREATE IRRESISTIBLE OFFERS: Creating irresistible offer don't mean giving discount. If you sell your products lesser than what you buy, you are on your way back to your village. Instead give out free gifts or free delivery. Give your products benefits instead of it's features. Here is how the free gift or free delivery is done.... If i am selling a black shoe of 20,000 I might decide to add a black top of 2,000 as free gift and free delivery and instead of the 20,000 I will sale the shoe for 29,999 which is approximately 30,000. People tend to buy when the price is in 7or9 format as the brain always read it to still be in 20s instead of 30. As for the free gift and free delivery I was able to recover the money as the price is increased from 20,000 to 30,000.


Selling benefits instead of feature... If I am selling a 20,000mah power bank, I don't just tell people it has 20,000 mah and stop. Instead I will say something like, it has 20,000 mah which means it can charge your phone even if it has 5000mah to 100% 4 consecutive times meaning this little beast can serve yo upto 4 daqys without a charge. It's the best you can find out there as it has a liquid battery which makes it charge faster and also last longer bla Bla bla. If you have any question about WhatsApp marketing or marketing in general, kindly do well to drop it in the comments section below and we will provide you with best answers possible.