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I used to be very dull academically, even to a point teachers don't like seeing me associate with other kids. I don't know their reason, but one thing I have understood so far is that success has many friends while failure has none.

This continued this way and the hatred even grew stronger. During exams I do get the most monitoring.

But here was how the story changed.

We do have what we call 'mid-term' exam, that usually comes on before the main exam. Mainly at the middle of each term. I wrote the exam same way I normally do and took the 19th position in a class of 23 students. l gaped 4 people and that's not easy, I said to my self.

When I got home, I showed my report card where the result and analysis from the exam was written, after few minutes of glancing at the report card, it was handed back over to me.

My uncle working place wasn't far away from our building, so I decided to go ask him to give me some money for biscuit. On my way I met the wizard in my class who always takes the first position. He was also heading to the same factory building with lots of smile in his face and his result in his hand.

I went with him, as we got there, his uncle collected his report card and after glancing gave him a hand shake with a beautiful smile. My own uncle was also there, he congratulated him also while he asked for mine. I told him I came 19th out of 23 persons.

He got angry. Walked away without saying another word to me. I came to him again later that day, not because I was pained but just to collect what I wanted from him (biscuit money).

I was asked to sit down by him. He first started by telling me how important it to me to succeed than it is to anyone else. He moved on with telling me how I have got everything the person I regard a wizard has got (text book and teaching) but can't perform like him because am not using it. He also told me how everyone will be proud of me if I picks up and start performing better. How I can become more open to opportunities and how I can become the next millionaire 😂.

I left that building thinking about everything he have told me but still had some doubt. My only doubt was "how is it possible that I have got all it takes"

I started by telling myself that I must improve, that I must succeed for myself. And that led to reading and reading and reading. Solving different mathematics questions, even the ones not yet taught. Class teachings was now like a revision class. I studied with the aim of taking that first position if truly it takes reading and studying to pass.

Before the end of that term, I noticed many teachers became more friendly to me than they have ever been since I joined that school. At the end of the term, I was so disappointed, I took the 6th position but was congratulated by the teacher I thought hated me the most.

Just that congratulation, motivated me the more, I now know that if I put in more work, I can actually make it above 6th position the next time. And it worked. The next term began and at mid-term I took the 2nd position. At the end of the term I took the first position. I then realized my uncle never lied. I walked like I own the street. Everyone was happy for me. Same people who frowned at my result about a year ago, rejoiced with me. I felt made. I felt fulfilled.

That is the kind of feeling success can bring.

So if you want to truly succeed you have to go all in. Keep on improving. Keep on studying.

keep an open mind. An open and determined mind have no limit. It speed can overtake a closed mind that have been on the same journey for years. Keep on improving, in no time results will speak for itself.

PS: I later got a carton of biscuit from my uncle.

Pss: Truly success has many friends while failure is barren. But to get to success you must first go through failure.