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How To Get Rid Of Pressure From Anyone And Perform At Your Best Capable Speed

There is always these pressure that come either from people or within, urging us to move above our capable speed. Sometimes it's from parents, friends and even siblings or outsiders with words like "Look at your mates", "You are getting old and you have nothing in your name yet", "Almost all your mates are married", "When will you enjoy life?" etc. Truth is, if you are legging behind, some of this pressurizing phrases might get you in track but most times it does nothing but lead to frustration, mental stress from thinking and depression at the end. Everyone has his or her own destiny and it takes a process to locate for every individual. some locate theirs and get successful at their early stage in life while some don't. I know there are some steps and process to follow if you really want to be successful at any age but that's not what am talking about here. Most times when young people hear 'look at your mates' they tend to copy the referred person hustle and then dumping what they have being gradually progressing with. Which leads to lost of focus and devided attention which in most cases don't yield any result and lead to confusion unto frustration and finally depression. Age is not just a number, I agree totally with that but everyone can't be hugely successful in their early 20's. Some will use their 20's in discovering themselves and at their 30's Excel beyond expectations, and still enjoy life to the fullest. I have seen people who made it before their 20 and died few years later. I have also heard of people who became successful in their 40's and lived till their 90's. How early you become successful don't determine how long you will enjoy life. Take a step at a time in good faith. Show up consistently. Have a plan and a strategy. You will be more focused and closer to your goals when you pay less attention to criticism while also checking for the truth in them and continue to improve. Choppers fly without running but can't fly as far and high as a plane that ran before flying. Enjoy and celebrate every of your little achievements while aiming for more. Where is your biggest pressure coming from?