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How to sell out any skill and make millions with it

We keep on hearing, laern a skill! Learn a skill always. But many who learned some of the skills which we are advised to learn are still broke and not making any penny from it. Then why are we now asked to learn a skill?. Learning a skill is very necessary, but learning how to sell your skill is most important. If you don't know how to sell out your skill then you might probably not make money from it. To avoid such is why we put up this content here. We want you to learn a skill and also make huge money from it. We want you to live your dream life. Below are some of the ways you can sell out your skills easily and make bank.

Position yourself as an authority in your field: Everyone wants an advice from a professional, they don't want to listen to a novice. Positioning yourself as an authority will give you that ground to be heard.

Give free but incomplete information: Information is everywhere but people still need a specific information targeted at their problem and are willing to pay for it. Give them free information that shows you know what you are doing then charge for the complete solution

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