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If You Can Drop Excuses Of Things Past You Will Be Close To Success

I met a man during the lockdown in 2020, who was older than me with difference of 32 years. While we started talking he told me how he could have been very successful if not for his friend who duped him 17years ago. His wife who is always demanding and later divorced him 6 years ago. His kids that he gave up everything to see happy and his 3 kids are in the secondary school. His car that was always giving him troubles and costing him much money that is already sold now. This man filled my ears with excuses why he was and remained unsuccessful. Then I asked, why haven't you moved on? Why do you still hold on to your painful past?. Same with you reading this right now. Why are you still holding on to that painful past? Why do you still spend most of your time thinking about that business, relationship and other things that didn't workout? You won't get the lessons it has to pass if you still holding and thinking about it. You can only make room for a better future when you let go of a painful past. The pain is not always there to break us but to make us brave to face future challenges. No smoke without fire and no success without challenges or pain. Most success are empowered by painful past and failure. Let go of yesterday pain so you can grab today joy. It's never too late to be what you have always dreamed to be. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow have not come, make today count.