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If You Don't Fix The Problem Of Fear Now! You Will Hate Yourself Later

It's good to be afraid in order not to get hurt but sometimes too much fear get us more hurt than we can imagine. How will you know if you don't learn, how will you learn if you don't make mistakes, how will you make mistakes if you don't try, how will you try when you are always afraid? It will always be hard to become brave without getting hurt. Same way it's next to impossible to learn without making mistakes or become successful without encountering failure. Most times it's always the fear of what people will say, how will they regard me, won't I lose friends,What about I fail, If it don't work etc that keep majority stagnant and unfulfilled. But truth is, those who care don't matter and those who matter don't even care. You might lose friends but will surely gain better friends in the future. The only friends you will lose are the ones who are not in support of what you do and the ones you will get are the ones that are in love with what you are doing. You can't be good for everybody but will always be best for the people who deserve you. Trying to please everyone is a faster way to shoot yourself on the skull with a silent gun and not realize it. The fear of What people will say have killed many dreams and yet to make any. Thinking about failing is a way of programing your mind for failure. It should be what will it take for me to succeed. What if this is the only opportunity i will need to succeed. The road to success is a very rough and though road. It takes getting a good car (idea or opportunity) and a well qualified driver that most posses the following qualities; Desire, good vision, determination, persistence and consistency. What are your fears that are stopping from getting started?