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ONE Thing You Need To KNOW For MONEY To Start Flowing From Any Service Or Product You Offer

I created this idea first, but no one patronized me.

Not even my family or friends.

But that same idea is here from another person and just few months after launching his already a millionaire.

I can hardly afford three square meals, don't even have good clothes. But someone who reproduced my idea even with less features compared to mine can afford a good car, housing and feeding.

Is it that my village people have over powered me?

+This was the cry of jizul fin, a man who used his life savings to build a platform, but it was shutdown few years after launching because people didn't patronize it. Few years later, while his still struggling with life, another man launched almost same platform with less features and it sold out. It was like the world was against jizul fin.

But before I continue, I will like you to analyze this;

A man had a great idea of building a great platform that would be of help to many. After building it, no one knew about this great platform or what it is about.

Another man saw the idea and copied it. Built something similar to the first platform and told the world about it and how it can be of help to each and every individual.

Who do you think will sale out his platform?

Of course, it's the man who told the world about his platform and how it can be of help

Same applies to every business you do. You must learn the strategic ways to showcase your products and services and win over your competitors. You might have a great product, but if others don't know about it.... How do you plan to sell? You can't buy from yourself. You have to showcase your business weather online or offline in a way that it will gain attention.

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