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Creating excuses is always easy. "I will do it later" ends up not doing anything as later never ends.

I will do it later is a wicked disease found among 85% or more of the people.

And this little but powerful disease is killing them slowly without majority of them realizing it.

This I will do it later disease is not laziness.


A very close brother to laziness.

It's responsible for making people put important things out and do the less needful while pushing the needful things to 'do later' and might not do them.

This is a very dangerous disease as it can limit your success and stop you from attaining greater heights in life. This little but mighty disease is never found among successful wealthy men and women.

I will do it later disease is widely known as procrastination.

Now you might want to know what exactly is this procrastination and why it's tagged as a big disease.

Here is the definition of the word procrastination from Google. "putting things off intentionally or habitually.

Have you noticed putting out things you want to do now to do it later for no reason or because you don't have the willpower to do it immediately?

That's procrastination.

And you are a victim of this disease that have and is keeping many stagnant.

"While we waste our time hesitating and postponing, life is slipping away." -- Seneca

There are many factors contributing to this but let's focus on the topic.

Which is how completely get rid of this disease called procrastination.

I will be giving just 2 tested and trusted easy simple steps on how to stop procrastinating immediately.

(1) Later never ends until you end; Knowing fully well that there will always be later until there is no more life is a sure trigger in stopping procrastination. Opportunities will keep on coming and you can't keep shifting or else you will keep on missing out. So as there is always later, what are the best approach? You might want to ask. And that brings me to the second.

(2). Do it now, Every minutes has something more productive and profitable to do with it.

This is very self explanatory. You just one, have to know that there will always be a later and two, that everything later is for something more productive and profitable and not for any shifted task.

So it's best to do it now!

That idea you have, it's better you want to make a reality, it's best you start now.

Use later to do things that will add more to it.

Shifting things that is supposed to be done now for later will make it look like one is lazy and unreliable.

So it's always best to do it immediately it comes up.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++Later is never a time.