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The Surprise Filled Fight That Taught Me A Lesson About The Power Of Silence

Some years back during my struggle years, I got an apartment in a compound of about 23 different families.

A compound like this is always referred to as "face me I face you or face me I slap you" because of the unending issues between neighbors. Either dragging who will take his/her bath first or use the toilet, as there is limited number of bathroom and toilet. Or fighting over their kids differences etc.

In my 2¹/² months of staying there i noticed there were really cool people there. I also noticed a young tall dark muscular young man on the other end of the building who is always ranting about beating up anyone who crosses his way or disobey him.

He shouts over little things and talks endlessly like a parrot. I can bet he had no secrets from the way he exposes everything about himself and his dealings with people. He can even boast about his next move before he makes them.

This continued on till one hot Tuesday afternoon around 2:37 pm (I can't forget this day in a hurry) he had a little misunderstanding with another neighbor who hardly talks or boast of any strength. We held and pleaded with the quiet guy not to get into a fight with the noisy boastful dark muscular young man as we already heard from him how deadly he can be and how he have beaten many into unconsciousness.

We believed all his claim because of his noise and big arms, we never questioned if it is true or not. The quarel between the two young men which was caused by the dark young man removing the other man clothes from the spreading rope and spreading his own continued.

While still trying to calm him down, the boastful guy gave him a resounding slap accompanied by a heavy punch. I couldn't hold myself but scream chineke muo (meaning my God o) very loud.

As I looked at the quiet guy face all I could see was anger and destruction boldly written as he bounced back with unnumbered punches on the boastful young man face. In less than 6 minutes the boastful dark young man was already on the floor screaming for help. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Is the self acclaimed god beaten?

It was all like a movie to me as I watched the dark muscular guy cry with bleeding eyes, nose and mouth. Everyone was amazed. The quiet guy was seen like the new John Cena and the roack of the compound. No one believed what just happened. Is that guy who claimed he had beaten soldiers made to cry out tears while bleeding from all over his face? What a shameful disgrace I said to myself.

From this point I realized that 'talk is cheap while action is expensive'.

Silence is more powerful than boasting and more loud than ranting. It's better to remain silent and win/lose than to be boastful and loud and lose.

I came to the conclusion that silence is divine.

Some persons can't allow a single discussion pass without having something to contribute, which might make sense to them but in the real sense it makes them lose their value and most time respect.

Maurice Switzer said "it's better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool than to talk and remove all doubts of it".

Cultivating the habit of silence is of great importance in self development and achieving one's goals. You can't respond to every word said towards you and still remain focused.

For you to learn you have to listen first. When you talk you only dish out the things you already know but when you listen you are more likely to learn some of the things you don't know.

Everyone in life knows something we don't which can only be learnt through listening.

Silence is language of the gods, all else is poor translation - Rumi.

Silence sometimes might be said not to be the best option but it's guaranteed that it can't get you into trouble while 'careless' talking can.

A 🦜 parrot talks way too much but can't fly high while an eagle is silent but has the will power to touch the sky.

It's either you become a parrot or an eagle in nature.

Have you ever seen anyone 'careless talking' got into trouble? share your experience with us below.